Despite the mind of my flesh, the condemnation that resides in the hearts of others in this realm have not, nor will they ever reside with my King. As an infant my eyes were open, but it wasn’t until adulthood when I was given the gift to be able to see. The sentences and paragraphs that define the difference of a man, and a man with Christ. Born into a world that is distorted by the ill will of those who temporarily rule it, my mind tends to fall under the same conditions… Father forgive me I have been created in your image, but on behalf of the others on this exemplary earth, and those in my generation that draw your name closer to things that will never signify who you are or what you do, and what you have done for us. Looking at your Bible and knowing your Bible are two different things, but to a blind man what would that mean? He cannot see nor read so then how would I be able to receive the blessings that he has dedicated to me? Maybe he took away all the other senses so that I may hear and feel his word in my heart and soul, but my soles are now of no existence, and I can no longer feel my feet. The rigamortis slowly overtaking my body, but God will never let me go, they want to see me fall but even when I fall defeat doesn’t quite make it to see me. My battles are predetermined and my maker knows me well enough to know that I shall never back down, but I forever hear his word for I once before seen the face of my enemy and almost fell victim to deception, but here you see before you a man who knows his right from his left, and will never again allow the presence of God to leave his spirit, he is the Bread of Life and the life lesson is to give recognition and seek for repentance and treat him as such.



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