My daughter, why won’t you come to me? Have you all not heard of me? I said, why won’t you come to me? I come home from work, shut the door and sit in silence. I have no furniture, just this beautiful marble floor. I turn up the heat but the floor gets colder and colder. My backside numbing by the minute, but the pain I endure because the thoughts on my mind inflict more. Voices, voices I can hear them, but no one is speaking. Most would consider me crazy, but I was just checked for schizophrenia last week. Best believe me there are no demons talking in my head, but nor do I hear Jesus either. Who is He? The man that left me stranded with a dollar in cash, forcing me to a strip club and grind on men for cash? The man that allowed me to get raped by the owner of the club? Is this the same man that gave me a father who beat on my mother, and tried to sleep with me and all my sisters while she was asleep three rooms down? The man that brought this man around to show me what I was supposed to look for in a man? The man that allowed me to have 3 miscarriages, and now I can’t give birth to a baby? How could I ever see Him or seek Him as my savior? He has failed me and left me damaged like many others on my block that I see. As you can see, I have plenty of anger inside of me. Anger that rots at the thought of people praising someone like you, but I am curious as to why people do worship you! As God says to me, “I understand your pain and your sorrow, but why are you upset with me? The things that have happened to you are tragic and are of nothing I would wish upon you. Much like your family, none of you know of me, which is why it was easy for evil to strike you. In the events that took place in your life I have kept you here day by day because I have brought you here for a purpose. I understand you may not know me and because of the sin you have committed, you may not feel that it is appropriate to know me either. Although, I ask you to come to me as you are, imperfections and all. You are mad at me for stripping and the harmful things that came from it. Well I can say that you placed yourself in those situations and those things occurred. You went through hell, but I still provided for you and kept you warm, even though you spoke my name in vain. I provided shelter and protection while you were on the streets selling yourself to what the devil considers fun. I am the one that kept you sober, and maintain a clean record even though your parents raised you wrong! Listen my daughter, all I ask is that you come to me just as you are and all the sins of today and your past will be washed away, and we will finally be one. For I am your groom and you are my bride and there is no one else you can run to that can save your life. Allow my son to pay the price and you will be introduced to a new life that last a lifetime. For I know your heart and I know the temptation that lies on it, and I know the purity that lies on the soul that the world has tarnished; allow me to reshape and mold it, for your happiness I am more than willing to die for it!” Fencing with God!


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