Silence… These women move in silence. The saying is that real G’s move in silence, but are they G’s or are they women that carry wisdom? Therefore, the wise move in silence! Within their silence is where their scars hide. They are wise, but they are also soldiers! Soldiers that can never be replicated! In our fear and resentment, they stood strong. They carried us for nine months, some of them bared us for a shorter length of time. Risking their own lives to birth new life into an imperfect world, hoping that with their little angel that the world would become more perfect! As painful as that was, the hardship that was to come in our developmental years was something they were not prepared for. We the children, hypnotized by the simplicity of our minds, not knowing the struggle that these women were going through behind their silent and joyful smiles. Early mornings catching the bus to be the first in the unemployment line. Food stamps embarrassed her, but she was approved and needed anything to ensure that you were well nourished and alive. Three jobs and she was barely home, but those three jobs kept you fed and helped you sleep tight at night. Lived in the projects because she couldn’t afford more because your father might not have been there to help provide. The struggle was real, but at the end of the day God put these women in position to be able to provide. Not to mention the night the apartment door was almost knocked down because a pervert saw a single woman providing for her kin and wanted to demolish a house that was never really sound. Although this house was not sound God pushed her to make a way somehow! All this so we can grow up and leave her while find our own house and as time passes we find her sitting outside our sound houses. Instead of giving back or appreciating them we break them and burn them down, but when Mother’s Day rolls around we will bring them back around just to see that joyful smile! We are in the wrong these soldiers have been around for too long, show them respect and tribute to them without a holiday coming along! Happy Mother’s Day!


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