Where is it? Where is what? Who is it? Who is what? Where is it? Where are you now that you need me the most? I would say that I laid down and died for you but, honestly is that enough? Enough for you to fathom the love that I present to you time and time again! You asked to see more than my hand that I frequently reach out to you to pick you up when you have attempted to jump off the ledge, yet, you haven’t even paid attention the draft that you feel in the center of your hand because of the hole that resides in my hand from the crucifixion I endure just so you don’t have to live your life in sin. It’s funny that you’re now thinking about suicide, I guess just like your life that you took from yourself my death is something that the Jews nor the Gentiles can take back. The only difference is that I died for your life to resume, you chose to die because your flesh was consumed. By something that is weaker than I the one you once looked up to. Reverse I will bring it back to the day of your death, in life there are no second chances but, there are plenty of thoughts and your thoughts can lead to your own death but death does not occur on thoughts alone. See you have not died, the Devil has presented to you an illusion, one many fall victim to. Where is it? My Faith? Finally, you have answered my question? Your quest is just beginning don’t jump off ship, you may fall but that is why I walked the very soil in which your feet grace every day that I bless you with life and purpose. I walked to endure what you are enduring at this moment and time. Do you not see my scars from my battles? If you seek more than my hand and if you can notice the details of this hand I shall soon show you myself in fullness. Although I need to know that your Faith is as big as the seed that I request in the book that most who lack Faith call a Fable, for if you listen to my words that play into your ear you will know that my word is anything but a Tall Tale! Faith is what brought you to listen to me, let faith drive you to where my voice is light and let the Foolish be driven by voice that withhold darkness and cast spells.


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